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How can I add analytics to my Website?
How can I add analytics to my Website?

Connecting Google and Facebook Analytics

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How can I connect a Google Analytics account to my website?

How can I connect a Meta (Facebook) tracking pixel to my website?

You can easily connect your Google Analytics account and/or Meta (Facebook) Pixel to your Travefy website by following the steps below!

Note 1: If you do not already have a custom domain on your account you will need to set that up first. For more information on how to set-up a custom domain, please review this article.

Note 2: If you are on a team, this feature is limited to team admins/organizers.

1. Go to your Linked Accounts

You can get to your Linked accounts either through the Travefy website builder or through your account settings.

Through the Travefy Website Builder

If starting from the Travefy website builder, click on the settings gear in the top left corner.

Next, go to the Analytics tab and select “Manage Website Analytics”.

Doing this will bring you to the Linked Accounts page under Account Settings.

Through your Account Settings

If starting on the main Travefy page, click on your name first, and then Settings.

Then click on the Linked Accounts tab.

Then select the Analytics tab.

2. Input Account IDs

Here is where you want to put in the account ID information for either Meta Pixel or Google Analytics.

Once the account id(s) are added, the Connected status will display next to the respective analytics account. Note that once your account is added, it may take 24-48 hours to see analytics information appear on your dashboard.

Note: The information appears on the dashboard of your analytics provider, Meta Pixel or Google Analytics.

Travefy also recommends regularly checking your account to ensure your connection is valid.

If you need to delete a connected analytics account, simply click on the edit icon next to the account id. This will open an editing module, enabling you to disconnect the analytics account.

The Global Settings Modal in the website builder will also display the connected status of your analytics account(s) once added.

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