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How To Set a Task Reminder
How To Set a Task Reminder

Setting Task Reminders

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You can set a reminder to both new tasks and existing tasks. Learn how below!

How To Set a Task Reminder on a New Task

Simply click on the arrows in the bottom right corner to open the task window (example 1) or by clicking on the bell icon in the quick-add window (example 2)

Example 1: Arrows

Example 2: Bell

Next, toggle on the task reminder. Once the reminder is set, the toggle will turn blue.

Note: to set a reminder, you will need to have added a task due date (whether fixed or automatic) and a due time (otherwise the reminder toggle will not show). You will not be able to enable reminders for tasks with due dates in the past, or tasks that are already completed.

Clicking on the bell icon will turn on the reminder for the task, and will also change the bell to green.

How To Add a Reminder to an Existing Task

Simply click on the task you would like to update and it will open the same task window, allowing you to turn on reminders.

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