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How am I notified of due Tasks?
How am I notified of due Tasks?
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Any due/overdue tasks will be indicated by the following:

  • An email notification at the date and time a task is due(provided you set a reminder for said task). Clicking on the View Task button in the email notification will bring you to the task page in your Travefy account, where you can view and edit that task.

  • A red bubble with a number on the Tasks icon left of your profile name. Clicking on the red bubble over the tasks icon will show any overdue tasks or tasks due today. Note that ‘due’ tasks are tasks with a due date of today. As tasks are completed, that number will update automatically.

  • The red calendar next to the due date will show if a task is overdue.

Email and Mobile Push Notifications

If you have notifications enabled in your Travefy Pro app, you will receive push notifications to your mobile device for task reminders (you will not receive an email notification). Tapping on that notification will open up the task in your app, where you can manage that task accordingly (such as marking the task as complete).

If you do not have notifications enabled on your Travefy Pro app, task reminders will be sent to your email. Clicking on the task reminder in the email will pull-up that task in your account to view and manage.

Note: If you disable push notifications for your Travefy Pro app, you will receive email notifications instead.

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