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Whenever you have multiple tasks on a trip, that list of tasks is called a Task List. This article will teach you all about Task Lists and how to save them for future use!

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How to Create a Task List

To create a task list from the library, click on +New Library Item then select Task List from the drop down menu.

A menu will then appear on the right-hand side, and you will then be able to add tasks to a new task list, including the ability to set an automatic due date and reminder for the task.

How to Save Task Lists

1. Go to Tasks

Go to wherever you have the tasks created, whether that is a trip or on a contact. The photos shown here are within a trip, but the steps are the same in a contact!

2. Save the Task List to your Library

Clicking on the More button (with an ellipsis) will bring up the option to save the Task List to your Library.

Selecting Save Current Task List to Library… will save all tasks from that trip as a task list in your library, but will first prompt you if you'd like to add an optional label.

You will then be able to view the task list in your library and make any edits!

How to Import a Task List

1. Click on Add

To import a task list on a trip or contact, click on the Add button in the top right corner of the task menu. Doing so will open a drop down menu with options.

2. Click on Task List...

In the drop down menu that appears, click on Task List...

3. Select the desired Task List

Select the Task List you'd like to import to this trip or contact, and it will be imported!

Note: When importing a task list that has tasks with automatic due dates, those tasks will automatically arrange in the task list based on the trip start date.

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