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Are there fees for Travefy's Invoicing feature?
Are there fees for Travefy's Invoicing feature?

Learn about processing fees collecting client payments through Travefy's integration with Stripe.

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Travefy offers a simple way to create invoices and collect client payments for planning fees. Travefy offers an integration with Stripe to offer secure, PCI compliant payment processing.

Travefy does not charge additional fees to use Invoicing. Additionally, Invoicing is offered on all Travefy accounts at no additional cost. Any payments collected through Invoicing are currently processed through Stripe and are subject to Stripe's processing fees and terms.

Stripe Processing Fees

(Updated April 2024)

Note: Transaction fees can vary from country to country

Type of Payment

Processing Fee

Credit Card

2.9% + $.30

ACH / Bank Transfer


Stripe's processing fees for credit card payments start at an industry standard 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. ACH/Bank Transfer payments start at 0.8%. Please see all details of Stripe's processing rates here.

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