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Masking as a Sub-Domain
Masking as a Sub-Domain

Masking your Travefy website to be a subdomain

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If you want to use your Custom Domain on your Travefy account and would like to keep your website hosted outside of Travefy while using your Custom Domain to create new landing pages and display your Domain in your Trips, Forms, and other areas, you can follow these steps to use your Custom Domain in Travefy by Masking it as a Sub-Domain

1. Go to your Domain Masking settings in your Travefy account

For that, click on your name, then select Account

On the next page, click Settings and then Setup Domain.

2. Select the Option for Users who Already own a Website

When setting up your Domain Masking you will see 2 options, please select the first option:

After saving your domain, you'll see this screen.

3. Add a CNAME Record in your Domain Provider's DNS area

Note: Your domain provider's dashboard could look slightly different from what's pictured.

Log in to the account you have with your domain provider and find the area that allows you to edit your DNS settings.

4. Add a CNAME Record

In your domain provider's DNS dashboard, add a CNAME record. You'll use "trips" for the Name field and the value you find in your Travefy account for the Value field.

Note: The information for the value field will look like this in your Travefy account

5. Test Settings

After a few minutes, go back into Travefy and click Test Settings. You should get a success message if everything went according to plan.

7. Wait 24 hours

This will give your domain provider and Travefy time to sync up. During that time, you'll notice issues like landing on the Trips page when typing in your domain or you might notice your site's SSL certificate isn't set. This is normal. Don't touch anything in either account. If things still aren't working after that 24-hour period, message or set up a domain masking session to get help from our support team!

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