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Sending the Credit Card Authorization Form
Sending the Credit Card Authorization Form
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To send a Credit Card Authorization Form, a few things are required.

  • An Authorization Description

  • An Authorization Amount

  • An Authorization Deadline

An Authorization Description is a description of what the traveler is authorizing use of their card to purchase.

An Authorization Amount is the amount that the traveler is authorizing you to charge with their card.

An Authorization Deadline is the deadline for how long the card information is stored in your account.

Note: Travefy's Credit Card Authorization form is PCI Compliant. This means that card information can be stored for a maximum of two years, but the CVV will disappear after 30 days, regardless of the Authorization Deadline set.

Sending Forms as an Email

1. Click Share

Click the Share button in the top right corner of the form.

2. Click Email Form to Clients

3. Fill out the Authorization Description

4. Select an Authorization Amount

You can either enter an Authorization Amount, allow your client to specify the amount, or set a default authorization amount by clicking on the Credit Card Question in the form and selecting the option you'd prefer.

To do so, just check the box marked Require Client to Specify Authorization Amount or add your own Default Authorization Amount.

If having the client specify, they will see the option as shown below when filling out the form.

5. Select an Authorization Deadline

The Authorization Deadline will set the timer on how long the submitted card information exists within your account, relative to its submission.

Sending Forms as a Link

1. Click Share

Click the Share button in the top right corner of the form.

2. Click Share Form Link With Clients

Note: You must set Default Values as mentioned above to send the Credit Card Authorization Form as a link.

3. Share the Link

You can copy and paste the link wherever you'd like!

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