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2024 Release Notes
2024 Release Notes
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January 2024


  • Forms that require eSignature can now be sent as a link

  • Enhanced trip filtering and search in Travefy Pro & Trip Plans (Android)

  • In the website builder, the ability to shrink to fit images for improved display

  • Users can now add custom fields to forms

  • Various updates for Automated Feedback Requests, including:

    • Ability to apply the trip feedback setting to all existing / future trips

    • The following updates in the trip sidebar:

      • Indication to show when Trip Feedback is turned on for a trip

      • Status of the Trip Feedback Request (Not Scheduled, Scheduled, and Requested)

      • Ability to toggle Trip Feedback On or Off within the sidebar


  • Various backend changes and improvements

  • Aside images in the Santorini theme not displaying on mobile

  • Not displaying Terms and Conditions on E-sig forms shared by link

  • Various fixes / UI updates for:

    • Tasks and automations

February 2024


  • Secure (Protected Fields) Form Fields

  • Date as form field type (Protected & Regular)

  • Webp files for image upload


  • Various backend changes and improvements

March 2024


  • Image / File Upload Form Type

  • Shared Itinerary UI Improvements

  • Custom name to form file upload

  • Tres Integration

  • Library filter by sharing


  • Various backend changes and improvements

April 2024


  • Project Expedition as tour option (e.g., pre-booking)

  • Image Attribution in photo search

  • Undo Delete Button in Building: now 10 seconds

  • Project Expedition: Commission Tracking

  • Viator: Commission Tracking


  • Various backend changes and improvements

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