If you have created a Team account, you are given the option to assign different roles and permissions to your team members.

Types of Roles

There are three types of roles: Team Admin, Team Organizer and Team Member:

Team Admins are the administrator account of the team and control all billing details, adding/removing team members, have access to and manage the account Website Builder, and can reassign the "Owner" of itineraries. There can be only one Team Admin per Team account.

Additionally, any time a team member is removed, that team member's itineraries and Library information is reassigned to the Team Admin.

Team Organizers have the ability to reassign the "Owner" of itineraries to allow "passing" the itinerary to other team members.  Organizers can also edit the team's website in the website builder. There can be multiple Team Organizers per Team account.

Team Members are standard accounts on Travefy that can create, edit and share itineraries or content. They cannot change itinerary owners or edit itineraries that they are not the Owner of. Team Members do not have their own individual Website Builders.

How to Set Up Team Roles:

The Team Admin is the only member of the team that can set up these roles in their account by logging in, press "Account" and then select "Team" on the left-hand side. 

You can select the Team Member's role from the drop-down menu next to their name of "Organizer" or to simply remain as a "Team Member". 

Click here to learn how to allow team members to collaborate and edit itineraries. 

Website Team Permissions:

Admin: Full access to all of the website builder's features.

Organizer: Can edit and create pages for the team's website. All of the same permissions as the admin except that they can not access or edit the domain masking feature.

Team member: Can create new pages or copy existing pages. Team members can also edit pages they have created or copied. Team members can't edit pages that were not created or copied by them.

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