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Please see below for Travefy's API Pricing

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Travefy offers two types of API Pricing depending on your needs:

  1. Third Party System Integration + Library Management

  2. Itinerary Creation + Automation

Please reach out to ApiSales@Travefy.com to learn more about any of these plans or schedule a call here with Travefy's sales team.

1. Third Party System Integration + Library Management

Third party technology systems (e.g. CRMs, CMSs, reservation systems, or Accounting Software) may integrate their system with Travefy's API to allow the seamless flow of data for users of both platforms.

A practical implementation example is to to integrate Travefy's API with your existing platform to push itinerary data or Library data into Travefy. Once that data is pushed into Travefy's API, a user can then sign into their Travefy account to access the itinerary or Library content pushed in via the API.

Setup Fee


API Access Fee

$2,500 Annually or $208/Monthly

Customer Support

Standard Support

Note Travefy's API pricing is separate from Travefy accounts/seats.

2. Itinerary Creation + Automation

For customers not using Seats and choosing to use the API for the automation of itinerary creation, Travefy offers an API only pricing model. 

Please see below for our standard API Pricing packages, which include all features of the API. Further discounts available for higher-volume API packages.

API Pricing Tiers

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Price Per Month




Active Trips*




Flight Tracking**

Billed Separately

Billed Separately

Billed Separately

Customer Support

Standard Support

Standard Support

Standard Support

Dev. Support

1 Hour Setup

2 Hours Setup

3 Hours Setup

 * Active Trip defined as any trip in your trips list and/or in the future. If “Archived” and inaccessible a trip is not active.

** If Flight Tracking is turned on, each tracked flight is billed at $0.20 each.

API Test Access

You may request 30 days of free test access to Travefy's API by scheduling a meeting with Travefy's sales team.


Travefy's API pricing is separate from Travefy accounts ("Seats") used to sign in and edit itineraries. Travefy's API provides access to push content to Travefy on behalf of authorized users.

All above pricing is displayed in USD.

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