To close your TravelNest account, please get in touch with our customer success team. You can do this by calling us on +44 333 6666 111 - option 2 or by emailing us at:  

What happens when we close your account

We check which property/properties you have live and confirm with you the one(s) you wish to deactivate. If you are closing your account this normally means all properties are deactivated.

We then deactivate your property from your account. This means you will no longer be able to see the property in your account. Please note that it can take up to 10 days for a property to be delisted from all of your chosen channels. This is down to the individual channels themselves. 

TravelNest Tip: If you see that your properties  are still live on some channels after the 10 day period is up, please get in touch with us.

Honouring future bookings

If you have future bookings that you will honour, we will keep your TravelNest account open until after the last booking has taken place. This means you can still access the booking details and guest information.

If you do not wish to honour future bookings, then we will cancel them. Please note that this may incur a cancellation fee per booking that you, as the owner, would be liable for.

If you have no future bookings, your account will be deactivated once the listings have been removed from all channels.
If you have bookings, then their account will be closed after the last booking has taken place.


We also ask for feedback on the reason(s) why you are leaving TravelNest, usually via an offboarding email or by phone.

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