TravelNest processes security deposits/damage claims on your behalf for Airbnb and TripAdvisor only. This includes TripAdvisor's affiliate sites HolidayLettings, HouseTrip and FlipKey.

If you choose to list your property on, Expedia, Vrbo or TUI, please be aware that these channels do not currently offer security/damage deposit processing or processing. For these channels, it is your responsibility, as the property host, to collect and manage security/damage deposits from your guest. TravelNest does not collect or manage security deposits on your behalf for these channels. 

Adding a security/damage deposit to your account

If you wish to add a security/damage deposit to your listings, you can enter the amount in your TravelNest account. You will find Security deposit under the Edit pricing fees and tax section of your Property Profile as shown below.

Making a claim

To report property damage to our team (for Airbnb and TripAdvisor bookings only), please call us on 0333 666 6111 (option 2) as soon as possible. 

Airbnb - how it works

All security/damage deposits are processed by TravelNest on your behalf with Airbnb. 

You can request some or all of the security deposit from the guest within 14 days from check-out, or before a new guest checks in, whichever happens first. 

This often means you have a very short window within which to report any damage to us, if the next guests are arriving on the same day. 

For example, if you have guests checking out at 10am and the next guests arriving at 4pm you have 6 hours to report any damage.

We therefore recommend having good processes in place to alert you of any damage to your property, and then report this to us, as soon as possible.

TravelNest will use Airbnb's Host Resolution Center to upload full details of the damage caused (e.g. photos and/or receipts), so please ensure you have this information before contacting us.

We will then request funds from the guest to cover the cost of fixing the damage caused. 

This article provides more information about how security deposits are handled by Airbnb. 

TripAdvisor - how it works

All security/damage deposits are processed by TravelNest on your behalf with TripAdvisor. 

In the unfortunate event of any damage to your property, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We'll ask you to supply us with relevant evidence of the damage caused, and we will then liaise with TripAdvisor on your behalf. 

The security/damage deposit amount you enter in your TravelNest account is added to the total booking cost. If there is no claim, funds will be sent back to the guest 7 days after the check-out, unless you raise a claim. 

If a successful claim is made, funds will be charged from the guest's stored payment method and released to you.

Other channels

For all other channels, including, Expedia, Vrbo or TUI and their affiliate sites, the security deposit value entered in your TravelNest account will be shown at the time of booking. However, please be aware it is your responsibility to collect and release security deposit funds to your guests.

TravelNest will not collect or be responsible for any security deposit transactions associated with, Expedia, Vrbo or TUI and their affiliate sites.

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