When you started working with TravelNest, we ask all owners to deactivate or snooze any live listings they currently have. This avoids duplicate listings and double bookings. Any duplicate listings will be removed by the channels as this is an infringement of their terms and conditions. If you decide to not snooze your listings, you'll need to make sure you manage your TravelNest calendar and/or sync your external calendars to avoid double bookings.

In this guide, we cover some key FAQs and explain how to deactivate/snooze listings for each of our major channels.

Q: Why do I need to snooze my existing listings?

A: With TravelNest, we build a single property profile for your property on our platform. We use the information you add you to your property profile to build your listings on each of the channels you choose to be listed on. We therefore ask owners to deactivate or snooze any live listings they currently have to avoid duplicated listings and double bookings.

Q: What if I want to stay on booking sites outside TravelNest?

A: If you wish to list your property on external sites (e.g. your own website or maintain listings on channels that we offer) in addition to using TravelNest, please be aware that you are responsible for keeping your calendar with us up-to-date with any bookings received via these external sources.


On Airbnb, you can opt to snooze your listing for a set period of time, temporarily unlist your space or deactivate your listing from the platform. Here’s an overview of the different options available. TravelNest recommends temporarily unlisting your property. This will remove your property from search results, however, it gives you the option to reactivate your listing on the platform at any time should you wish to do so. Deactivating your listing automatically cancels any future bookings you may have, whereas snoozing your listing protects existing bookings.


Booking.com allows you to either close your property temporarily by marking it as unavailable or delete your property from the platform. We recommend closing your property temporarily. To do this, you need to get in touch with Booking.com directly via the extranet or Pulse app. 


On TripAdvisor, if you have a free listing you can take it offline yourself. This means you can reinstate your listing at any point in the future if you choose to do so. For annual listings, the process is different and you need to contact the TripAdvisor team direct.   

  • See TripAdvisor’s help guide to taking your listing offline.


On Vrbo, the process is similar to Airbnb in that you can hide your listing from search results for a set period of time. 

  • See Vrbo’s guide to hiding your listing.


On Expedia, you need to contact the support team directly to ask them to deactivate existing listings. You can do this via Expedia Partner Central.

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