Most countries in Europe implement some form of tourist tax regulations.

TravelNest does not collect a Tourist Tax from guests on behalf of property owners.

However, you can indicate that a Tourist Tax is required for your property, by doing the following (however please be aware that this may not show on all listings)

  • Log in to your account here

  • Select properties from the dashboard

  • Select the property profile that you are looking to edit

  • Scroll to the ‘Edit pricing, fees and tax’ section

  • Select Edit next to 'Tourist Tax'

If you need to collect a tourist tax from your guests, we also recommend including this in your listing description so that guests are aware of the requirements ahead of booking. It is also good practice to contact every guest via email to let them know of any specific requirements regarding tourist tax (amount and process/paperwork to be followed), in advance.

Owners or property managers need to ensure that the relevant tourist tax is collected from the guest upon arrival.

This article provides more detailed information regarding tourist tax across Europe. 

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