This article explains how to block dates (without using a calendar sync) when your property is not available for bookings.

Your TravelNest calendar can be synchronised with the marketing channels you have selected in your account. Your availability is then automatically updated across all the channels you are on with TravelNest. If you manage listings outside TravelNest (such as a separate Airbnb listing or your own booking website), please set up calendar sync using our iCal functionality.

NOTE: If you do not use our calendar sync to connect external calendars, any bookings received from listings outside TravelNest must be manually blocked on your TravelNest calendar. Blocking these dates helps avoid double bookings.

Setting up your availability and pricing

When setting up your availability, it is essential to have a minimum of 90 days of availability per year. Many of the channels we work with do not list properties with less than 90 days of bookable dates in a 12 month period and your listing will become inactive.

We recommend having availability and pricing in place for the next 24 months. This ensures your property is returned in more searches and maximises your bookability. Read our guide on how to add and amend pricing.

The following video(s) explain how to use the calendar to manage availability and block/unblock dates - we have provided examples of the calendar on both desktop and mobile.

Calendar walk-through video - desktop view

Calendar walk-through video - mobile view

Accessing the calendar in your TravelNest account

Access your calendar from the Calendar tab on the main dashboard, which you'll see when you log in. If you have multiple properties, you'll see a drop-down menu - select the relevant property. The calendar for that property will appear below.

You can also access the calendar by selecting the Properties tab from the main dashboard. Then select the relevant property. You'll be shown the Property Profile which contains all your property information. The calendar is under Booking availability which is part of the 'Edit photos, description and set availability' section as shown below.

Calendar overview

Once you select Calendar, if you have multiple properties, you’ll see a drop-down box above the calendar. Here you can choose the calendar for each specific property. Here are the main features of the TravelNest calendar:

  • Available dates: All available dates appear blank on the calendar.

  • TravelNest bookings: TravelNest bookings are shown in dark blue with the guest’s name. Select a TravelNest booking to see information including arrival/departure dates. Click the back arrow at the top to return to the calendar.

  • Blocked dates: Any dates you have currently blocked are shown in grey with a diagonal line through them.

  • Synced events: If you have set up calendar sync, and events are synced across from a direct listing, these are shown in light blue. This example shows a synced outlook calendar, which is used to manage direct bookings.

How to block and unblock dates

  • On the calendar, tap each night you wish to block or unblock. Selected nights will be shaded green. In the example below, the 8th, 10th and 11th of April have been selected.

  • The panel will then show the nights you have selected. You’ll see the option to Show property as Available or Blocked. Update your availability and select Confirm.

  • In the panel, confirm your selection. If you have chosen to block dates, they will then appear shaded grey on the calendar with a diagonal line through them - in the example below the 8th, 10th and 11th of April are now confirmed as blocked. When you unblock dates, they’ll show in white.

  • These changes will be automatically synced to all channels selected in your TravelNest account.

How to block and unblock a larger date range

If you need to block or unblock an entire month, or a longer date range you can do this in Additional calendar features - which appears underneath your calendar.

Use the date picker to choose the start and end dates of the period you wish to block and hit the Select button as shown below. This is also where you can synchronise your calendar.

A panel will then show on the right with the nights you have selected. You’ll see the option to Show property as Available or Blocked. Update your availability and select Confirm.

If there are existing bookings within a month you wish to block these remain unaffected. You can unblock specific nights within a larger blocked date range - simply tap on the night you wish to unblock.

TravelNest Tip: We do not recommend blocking your calendar for long periods of time, as this affects channel performance. If your property is unavailable for long periods of time, you risk being delisted by the channels - TravelNest has no control over this decision. You must have a minimum of 90 nights availability in a 12 month period to remain listed on the majority of channels.

Instant Book

TravelNest uses Instant Book for all bookings on the channels we offer. When you become a TravelNest customer, Instant Book is automatically enabled for all properties and listings managed through our platform.

How to amend existing bookings

Existing bookings cannot be amended or cancelled in your TravelNest account, find out how to cancel a booking here. If you need to do this please get in touch - you can email our bookings team at or call 0333 6666 111 (option 2).

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