⚠️If you are already on existing channels like Airbnb and Booking.com, we do not transfer these existing listings into TravelNest.

  • You can snooze your existing listings and set up brand new listings with us (recommended).

  • Or, you can connect existing listings to your TravelNest calendar using our iCal sync tool. Doing this is important to avoid double bookings.

Note: Snoozing a listing is a temporary deactivation - they are not permanently deleted and you'll still be able to access the content. 

Building your new listings

✔️ You provide us all the information we need to build your new listings and distribute them across 30+ channels.

✔️ You have the flexibility to manage all the channels you wish to work with, from within one system.

✔️ This saves time and eliminates the need for multiple logins for different sites.

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