TravelNest charges a standard commission on any cleaning fees as this cost is passed on to us by our partner channels.

Updating your cleaning fee

If you wish to add, update or remove a cleaning fee to your account, log in to your TravelNest account and update it in the cleaning fee field. This is found under the Edit pricing, fees and tax section as shown below. Select Edit.

The cleaning fee you enter here is what you wish to receive for the whole stay. In the example below, we've added a cleaning fee of £25. Any changes you make here are saved automatically.

TravelNest Tip: A cleaning fee can put guests off from booking your property. Guests have to pay this additional fee on top of your nightly rate, so a large cleaning fee can result in fewer bookings. We recommend removing or lowering your cleaning fee where possible. Another option is to incorporate any cleaning fee into your nightly rate to attract more bookings.

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