Do you manage a separate listing for your property on Airbnb,, or other channels outside of TravelNest? If the answer is yes, you'll need to use our calendar sync to manage your availability.

Our calendar sync tool imports external calendars into TravelNest (such as Airbnb or - you can also export your TravelNest calendar into other external calendars you have. This makes it easier to manage your availability and reduce the risk of double bookings. Moreover, Ical synchronises the calendars every 1 hour.

Cancellations from a direct listing⚠️

Please note that any cancelled bookings previously imported into your TravelNest calendar from a direct listing will not be automatically removed upon cancellation. You'll need to manually update these dates in your TravelNest calendar and unblock them. This does not apply when a booking is cancelled through a TravelNest listing.

How to Import/Export using the TravelNest calendar

Your TravelNest calendar imports iCal links as well as exporting its own link. Remember to complete a calendar sync for each individual property in your TravelNest account.

1. Login to your TravelNest account and select Properties from the dashboard.

2. All the properties you list with TravelNest will be shown. Select the property you want to apply the calendar sync to. You'll see the Property Profile on the next screen. Scroll down to Booking availability (under Edit photos, description and availability) and select Edit.

Note: Selecting the Calendar icon at the top of the screen does not take you to an individual property calendar - sync is not available from there.

3. You'll see the calendar for your property on the next screen. At the bottom of this page, you'll find Additional calendar features where Calendar sync is located. Here you can:

✔️ Import a calendar from outside TravelNest (e.g., Airbnb, Google)
✔️ Export your TravelNest calendar to a calendar outside TravelNest (, Airbnb, Google)

4. You'll need to complete both the Import and Export steps to sync calendars correctly. We recommend starting with the Export step first. The videos below explain how to connect your external Airbnb and calendars with TravelNest.

If you manage any other external listings, then you'll need to follow similar steps to sync each one - see below for details of how to do this for TripAdvisor, Vrbo and Expedia.

🎥 Video: Sync your Airbnb calendar with TravelNest

In the video below Patrick from our onboarding team explains how to connect your Airbnb calendar with TravelNest. (duration = 2 mins)

You can also check out our help guide How to sync your Airbnb calendar with TravelNest for more information.

🎥 Video: Sync your calendar with TravelNest

In the video below, Patrick explains how to connect your calendar with TravelNest. (duration = 2 mins)

Take a look at our help guide How to sync your calendar with TravelNest for more information.

If you have external listings on other channels

If you have listings on any channels that are not managed by TravelNest, please remember to sync these too. Here are links to TripAdvisor, Vrbo and Expedia calendar sync tools:

Sync your TripAdvisor listing
Sync your Vrbo listing
Sync your Expedia listing

If you would like some assistance setting up calendar sync for your property, please do get in touch with us at

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