Professional photos are vital for a good listing and having the correct number and type of photos on your listing is essential. Here are some key things we recommend for photos. You can add and edit your property photos in the Photos section of your TravelNest account. 

Upload a minimum of 24 photos

We strongly recommend having a minimum of 24 photos. This may seem like a lot, but remember that all the major platforms such as, Expedia and HomeAway recommend that listings include at least 24 photos. Don't be restricted by this number - add more photos if you can! Our data shows that properties with 20+ images receive 6 times the number of enquiries than those with less than 5 photos. You can add up to 50 photos in your TravelNest account.

Include the following photos

It is important to ensure that your photos include internal, external, lounge, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), view, surrounding area and key amenities. Check out our photo guide for more information on how to get the best photos of your property. Try to include 4 photos per room type, one of which is of the bathroom. 

TravelNest Tip: If you have a small property and are wondering what additional photos to include, we recommend taking photos of your amenities to highlight them to guests e.g. the welcome basket, toiletries, kitchen appliances e.g. coffee machine, kettle/toaster as well as the TV, DVD player etc. 

Also include at least one exterior photo to show the outside of the property and include room views and entrance photos. If you have a garden, patio or any outside space, be sure to show this off, and include garden furniture or BBQ equipment too. If you need more inspiration, you could also include photos of attractions that are near to your property that would be good places for your guests to visit. 

Use landscape not portrait orientation

All channels recommend using landscape photos rather than portrait. In general, online listings are designed for photos that are landscape, and these also look far better on mobile devices. If you upload portrait photos they are cropped by the channels and display incorrectly. 

Use a high photo resolution

When it comes to photo resolution, go for the highest possible resolution you can - we recommend 2880 pixels on the longest side. Blurry photos do your listing no favours and will simply put guests off from booking your property. 

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