Having a large security (or damage) deposit (e.g. more than 20% of the nightly stay) puts guests off from booking your property. Remember guests have to pay this in addition to your nightly rate, so a large security deposit can mean losing out on bookings.

You can add a security deposit in your TravelNest account so this will be visible to guests on your listings. This field is found on the Property Profile under the Edit pricing, fees and tax section as shown below.

TravelNest does not manage security deposits

Please be aware that you are responsible for collecting security deposits from guests - TravelNest does not manage this on your behalf.

Rather than having a large security deposit, we recommend having comprehensive insurance in place for your property. This mitigates the need for a large damage deposit. If you are looking for insurance, we recommend Pikl - they are a specialist insurance provider for short-term, vacation rental properties.

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