In this article we explain how to add, re-order and delete photos in your TravelNest account. When you are adding photos to your account, to maximise property performance, we recommend:

- At least 24 high-resolution photos (this is a requirement from some booking sites)
- Uploading photos in landscape, not portrait format
- Including all angles of the interior and exterior of your property

Doing this will significantly improve your property score on channels. Listings with higher scores and better photos perform better, by attracting more interest and converting bookings. Using professional photos can also improve your listing. For UK property owners, we recommend using the photo agency Snappr, who offer on-demand photos shoots in locations all over England, Scotland and Wales. For more photo tips, see our photo guide.

Adding photos to your account

The video below explains how to add photos to your account.

- Login to your account, select Properties and choose the property you wish to add photos for.
- In the Property's Profile, scroll down to Photos.
- If a property requires photos to be added, the photo section will be shown in red and you'll see a Review button. If photos have already been added, the section will be shown in green and you'll see an Edit button.
- Select Review / Edit and then upload your photos - we recommend a minimum of 24 photos to maximise property performance on channels. You can add up to 50 photos.
- The photos will take a moment or two to upload.

Re-ordering photos in your account

Once you have uploaded your photos, you can re-order them. The video below explains how to do this.

- In the Property's Profile, scroll down to Photos and select Edit.
- You'll see the photo gallery for the property. To re-order photos, select the grey cursor on the left-hand side of the photo and drag it into a new position.

TravelNest Tip: The first photo in the gallery is the most important, as it's used as the hero photo on your listings on booking sites, and is what potential guests see in their search results. It needs to be an attractive, enticing photo, preferably showing the exterior of the property, to encourage potential guests to click on the listing and see more.

For the remaining photos, it is important to ensure that you include internal, external, lounge, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), view, surrounding area and key amenities. Try to include 4 photos per room type, one of which is of the bathroom. Re-order the photos in a logical order, and group photos of each room together in the order you want guests to see them.

Include at least one exterior photo to show the outside of the property and include room views and entrance photos to further boost your content score. If you have a garden, patio, or any outside space, be sure to show this off, and include garden furniture or BBQ equipment too.

Deleting photos from your account

The video below explains how to delete photos from your account. It's a good idea to regularly review your photos - we recommend doing this at least annually. You should also add fresh images to showcase the property during different seasons and also include photos if you re-decorate, update furnishings or add any new amenities etc.

- In the Property's Profile, scroll down to Photos and select Edit.
- In the photo gallery, you'll see the option to Delete on the right-hand side.
- Select Delete and the photo will be removed from your photo gallery.

Importing photos from an existing Airbnb listing

If you have an existing listing on Airbnb, save time by importing your photos directly using our Airbnb scraper tool. The following video explains how to use the tool.

- In the Property's Profile, scroll down to Photos and select Review
- Select Import Airbnb photos
- Paste your Airbnb URL into the box and select Import photos
- The tool will then import all the photos from your Airbnb listing into your TravelNest account
- Once the photos appear in the gallery, you can then re-order them, if required

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