If you would like to remove your property from a specific booking site, this can be done in the Fee and Channels section of your TravelNest account. All you need to do is deselect the channel. Please note that deselecting one channel, has no impact on any other live listings that you have on your account.

How do I deselect a channel?

Login to your account and go to the Fees and Channels section. Here you will see all the channels your property is currently listed on. Simply deselect the tick box against the channel you want to remove your property from. This change will be saved automatically.

How long will it take for my listing to be removed from the channel?

Once this change has been made, this triggers the delisting process on the specific channel. The listing status for your property will change to 'Removal in Progress' within a day of deselecting the channel.

Please note it can take between 5-7 days for your listing to be removed. When this is complete, the channel will no longer show in the 'View all live listings' section of your Property Profile.

Please note, the guidance above is specific for when you wish to deselect one or two channels. If you wish to deactivate your property from TravelNest, please contact owners@travelnest.com and we will be in touch to arrange this.

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