It is a requirement of short-term rental owners to obtain local tourist licence in order to host guests in a number of locations. If your property is in one of these locations, this information must be added to your TravelNest account and you will not be able to list on the booking channels without adding this information. Owners risk being fined if their property is found to be receiving guests without the correct registration in place.

Countries which require a tourist licence include: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, USA, India.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and some regions may differ. The information in this guide is intended as a guidance only and does not constitute formal legal advice. We strongly recommend that you do your own independent research and take legal advice if necessary.

Where to add local licence information in your TravelNest account

Tourist licence information can be added in the Local licence section in your property profile, within 'Add bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities'. Remember to click Publish to update your property profile with this information. Depending on your property location, you may be asked for different information including your licence number, tax ID, or a reference number.

You can find specific tourist licence guides for different countries here:





Everywhere is different, but you can find out how to obtain a tourist licence by contacting your local authority or consulting government guidance.

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