📧 If you need any help setting up calendar sync for your property, please get in touch with us at owners@travelnest.com.

🎥 Video: Sync your Booking.com calendar with TravelNest

In the video below Patrick from our onboarding team explains how to connect your Booking.com calendar with TravelNest. (duration = 2 mins)

1. Go to your Booking.com account. You'll need to do this from a laptop computer as Booking.com's calendar sync is not available on mobile devices. Click on the Property you want to sync the calendar.

2. Click on Calendar & Pricing > Sync Calendars

3. Then click on Add Calendar Connection

4. Here you need to paste in the iCal link that you get from your TravelNest account

5. Then go back to your TravelNest account > Booking Availability > Export Calendar (this is found in Additional calendar features > Calendar sync

6. Copy the link from your TravelNest Account and click Continue

7. Go back to your Booking.com account in the import calendar section and paste the link that you copied from TravelNest and give it a name. In this case we recommend calling it TravelNest.

8. Now Booking.com will give you an export calendar link, as follows:

9. Copy this link and paste it into TravelNest > Import Calendar and click continue. Give the calendar a name - e.g. Booking.com

10. Once the calendars are successfully connected, you'll be able to see the date and time when the calendars were last synchronised.

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