Where can I find my Property Score?

When you login to your TravelNest account, you’ll see a row of tabs across the top of your screen:

Select the Score tab to access your property score. If you have multiple properties, you'll see a drop-down menu. Select a property to see it's unique score.

Good to know

✔️ Every property you list with us has unique Property Score with a maximum 100 points.
✔️ Property Score helps you understand how bookable your property is, based on the factors guests want most.

✔️Our data shows that properties with the highest scores can attract up to 5X more bookings!

Property Score recommendations

✔️ Along with your Property Score, we'll give you recommendations on how to improve your score and attract more bookings
✔️ Recommendations with the biggest impact on your score are shown first.
✔️Recommendations will help you make the right changes in your account to boost property performance on every channel.

✔️ Follow as many of the recommendations as you can to maximise your bookability.

How is my property score calculated?

Your Property Score is based on 18 different factors in your TravelNest account. It's created from the information you have added about your property. Each factor is given a weighting, based on how channels prioritise listing information in search algorithms and guest search results. To calculate your score, we use a range of factors including:

Some factors have a higher weighting, and these have a greater impact on your overall score. Recommendations with the highest weighting are shown first.

🎥 Video: How to use Property Score

In this short video (1 min 30 secs), Patrick from our Onboarding Team shows Property Score in action!

Please keep in mind that in addition to the key factors mentioned above, to achieve a high score you also need to offer:

✔️ Good availability (lots of available dates in your calendar)
✔️A low minimum length of stay (we recommend allowing 1,2 and 3 night stays)

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