We aim to get your property live as quickly as possible, however sometimes there are factors which can prevent this.

Below is a list of some of the issues which may be affecting your property listing:

  • Missing tourist license - It is a legal requirement of some regions and towns in Spain, France, Greece and Portugal to have a tourist licence. Please see here how you can obtain a licence, and how to add it to your TravelNest account.

  • Photos in portrait mode/low quality - Some of the channels do not accept listings with photos in portrait mode, particularly the cover photo. Photos can really help boost your performance, see our guide on what works best.

  • Invalid location/address - Please ensure your address is complete and correct, and does not contain non-Latin characters. For example, please ensure your property has a postcode, street number and country code in the right sections and format.

  • Duplicate listing - Do you have existing listings on the channels? Duplicates are removed due to infringement, please follow our guide on how to snooze listings. Alternatively, please synchronise your calenda‚Äčr with any external listings.

  • Listing headline - Certain words and characters will prevent your listing from going live. Please ensure your listing headline does not have full capital letters or non-Latin characters/symbols. Follow our guide on how to write a good headline.

  • Pricing/calendar availability - Your property must have at least 10 nights of availability within the following 12 months, and pricing periods to match. Read our guides on how to amend pricing and how to create a flexible calendar.

    Login to your TravelNest account to make the necessary changes and ensure that your property is getting full exposure. However, if there is a problem beyond the above list, please get in contact with our team at owners@travelnest.com.

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