Keep 100% of the proceeds on all sponsored items! Supporters pay a fraction of retail value to "sponsor" items before your event. After the items sell, you won’t owe any money since the sponsors covered your costs.

Sponsorships are the perfect way to engage local businesses and out-of-town supporters who can't attend your event. From your TravelPledge Admin Dashboard:

  1. Hover over the Promotion Tools tab and click Get Sponsors.
  2. Click copy message to copy the pre-written email message to your clipboard. To craft your own message, simply copy the link from the pre-written message to distribute to your potential sponsors.
  3. Paste the message into an email and send to potential sponsors. Sponsors will receive a link to pay for TravelPledge items selected for your auction.

What's in it for sponsors?

Thanks to our generous providers (resorts, cruise lines, etc.), sponsors may underwrite experiences at greatly reduced prices. Sponsors pay 30% of retail value for small-ticket items, like golf foursomes, and 50% of retail value for big-ticket items, like vacations. Selling an item near retail value could double or even triple the sponsor’s contribution!

In addition to tremendous savings, sponsors enjoy special recognition on promotional materials (optional) and a tax deduction. We send their receipt automatically.

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