Auction Experiences

Your cost for a sold certificate is proportional to the winning bid amount. At a minimum, you’ll keep 80% of the winning bid for small-ticket experiences, like golf rounds, and 40% of the winning bid for big-ticket experiences, like vacations.

Our unique model is designed so you generate a meaningful donation even if an experience sells at the minimum bid.

The starting bid and percentage you'll keep is displayed next to each experience in your TravelPledge dashboard.

After your event, we'll ask you to report the winning bid so we can prepare your invoice, which you can pay by credit card, PayPal or check. A 3% fee applies to credit card and PayPal transactions.


Let's look at some common examples of TravelPledge experiences you might sell at your auction:

Golf Foursome (Retail Value: $600)

Winning Bid: $500
You Keep: $400
(80% of winning bid)

Caribbean Cruise (Retail Value: $10,000)

Winning Bid: $8,000
You Keep: $3,200
(40% of winning bid)

You can reserve any experience in our inventory at no obligation, meaning you won't owe anything if the experience doesn't sell.

Keep Even More

Here are some ways to increase your net donation:

  1. Keep 100% of the winning bid in excess of the retail value.
  2. Keep 100% of the winning bid on any sponsored experience.
  3. Some experience providers donate more than the TravelPledge minimum requirements.
  4. Skip any TravelPledge fees whenever an experience is automatically added to your event after you come to TravelPledge from a link on one of our experience provider's websites.

Use the Donation Calculator

Find the Donation Calculator in your dashboard to see how much you will keep at each winning bid amount.

Raffle Experiences

Raffle items are available for a percentage of the retail value of the experience. Most big-ticket items can be purchased for 50% of the retail value, though some select vacations are available for 30% of the retail value. Small-ticket items can be purchased for 15% of the retail value.

You pay this amount in advance of the raffle.

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