Auction Items

When you sell a TravelPledge experience, your invoice amount will vary with the size of the winning bid. This guarantees you always generate a sizeable donation. Traditional consignment, by contrast, charges a fixed price and exposes you to the risk earning a very small net donation (or even losing money).

Let's look at some common examples of TravelPledge items you might sell at your auction:

Golf Foursome (Retail Value: $600)

Winning Bid: $500
You Keep: $400

Caribbean Cruise (Retail Value: $10,000)

Winning Bid: $8,000
You Keep: $3,200

The Golf Foursome is a "small-ticket item", so the entire experience is donated by the golf course. Golf foursomes, lessons, and certain other experiences are small-ticket items. The Caribbean Cruise is a "big-ticket item", meaning we send half of the winning bid to the cruise line. Cruises, vacations, club memberships, and bucket-list experiences are big-ticket items.

For all items, the TravelPledge fee is 20% of the gross donation (i.e., winning bid minus any provider fee). You pay this amount, in addition to any provider fees, after your auction. You pay for only the experiences that sell.

Keep Even More

Here are some ways to increase your net donation:

  1. Your non-profit keeps 100% of the winning bid in excess of the retail value.
  2. Your non-profit keeps 100% of the winning bid on any sponsored experience. 
  3. If a provider donates an experience specifically to your non-profit, the TravelPledge fee is 10% of the gross donation, not 20%. FAQ: How can a provider donate to just my non-profit?
  4. Some big-ticket experience providers donate the entire experience.

Use the Donation Calculator

The Donation Calculator lets you see how much you will keep at each winning bid amount.

Raffle Items

Raffle items are available for a percentage of the retail value. Big-ticket items can be purchased for 50% of the retail value. Small-ticket items can be purchased for 15% of the retail value. You pay this amount in advance of the raffle.

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