Your organization may have a special relationship with a generous experience provider. That provider can donate an experience to specifically your nonprofit. If that is the case, your nonprofit will keep 90% of the winning bid when that experience sells.

An experience provider can specify your nonprofit using the following steps (note: these steps will not be completed by the nonprofit):

  1. Log in to the appropriate OneSpare site: OneSpare Vacation, OneSpare Tee Time, OneSpare Lesson, OneSpare Golf Vacation,  OneSpare Cruise or OneSpare Experience.
  2. Create a certificate to donate specifically to a nonprofit.
  3. When creating the certificate, find the question: "Which nonprofit(s) can use these certificates?" Update the answer to Only the nonprofit(s) that I choose.
  4. Specify your nonprofit in the list of nonprofits. In order for your nonprofit to receive 90% of the winning bid, your nonprofit must be the only organization listed.
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