If you are raising money for a valid non-profit organization (i.e., a 501(c) organization as determined by the IRS), you may use TravelPledge. Employees of the non-profit or a private group raising money for the non-profit are eligible. Note that most schools, school foundations and athletic programs do have 501(c) status and are therefore eligible (and we help a lot of them). 

Many smaller non-profits are part of larger non-profit organizations, and TravelPledge is perfect for these smaller organizations too! For example, your school's Athletic Department may have many smaller teams under one master 501(c) organization. Each team is eligible to raise money separately with TravelPledge.

When you sign up, please enter the name of the non-profit you are raising money for. If you enter a "for-profit" organization, your request will be rejected until we know the non-profit that will benefit from your work. If you have your benefiting non-profit's EIN handy, please provide it to save time verifying non-profit status. If you do not know your EIN, you can find it in the Guidestar database, or we can look it up for you.

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