Golf courses use TravelPledge to help them manage all of the requests that they receive from nonprofits. Once you create an account, we’ll verify your information (takes a couple days) and send you your login credentials. Log in and you can get golf foursomes, lessons and even private course memberships. Please note that some golf courses approve or reject each individual donation request.

If you were re-directed to TravelPledge from a golf course's website, you may already see that course's donated golf foursome in your selected experiences. This happens automatically for organizations that are "pre-approved" by the golf course to promote their foursome. For more information about finding local golf, please see here: Find Golf Donated from Local Courses.

If you sell the golf certificate, pay your invoice to TravelPledge (a fraction of the winning bid), and we'll email the winning bidder their certificate. 

FAQ: How much does each experience cost?

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