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Please note that the membership data that will be transferred is all on the spreadsheet we send you. If it is not there, it won't be imported!

What we can transfer:

-Member Info:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Membership Name

  • Membership Rate

  • Billing frequency

  • Attendance Restrictions (if applicable)

  • Discounts (if applicable)

  • Next Bill Date

  • Expiration Date

  • Hold Dates

  • Attendance Packs

  • Join Date

  • Phone number

  • Address

What we cannot transfer:

  • Class Schedule

  • Staff Rates & Payroll History

  • Personal Training Sessions 

  • Personal Training Packages/Rates

  • Retail Items

  • Tax Rates

  • Attendance History

  • Payment History

  • Membership Contracts

  • Liability Waivers

  • Workouts / Performance History

Note: We cannot import data from Wodify, BTWB, SugarWod, or any other tracking system.

If you would like standard CrossFit workouts uploaded to your platform, please email onboarding@triib.com. 

Billing Information (CC and Bank Information) is not automatically transferred; however, if you have over 100 members we'd be happy to do this for you - Here's What to Expect with a Billing Transfer.

There may be more that we missed, so if you have a question, please ask!

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