One of the first steps in setting up your Triib platform is inputting your waiver. When your members create their own Triib accounts, the first thing they will be asked to do is sign your waiver. This article covers:

  • Inputting your waiver
  • Require New Signature on Liability Waiver Change
  • Waiver experience as a member
  • Quick Waiver (Kiosk)
  • Missing Waivers Report

Inputting a Waiver

To input your waiver, go to your Triib Settings> Liability Waiver. You can fill in your waiver on the spot OR you can simply copy and paste your waiver in.

Once your waiver has been entered, you also have the option to add questions! Above the Form Text, click on the Add Waiver Question button. You'll be prompted to choose a Question Type, and asked what kind question you want to add: Yes/No or Text Entry 

Once you've selected your Question Type, you can enter your question in the text field below. Hit Save and your question will be automatically uploaded into your waiver!

**If your waiver requires multiple signatures (i.e not just a single signature at the end of the waiver), you can add Text Entry questions so your members can sign multiple times for various questions.

Requiring New Signature on Liability Waiver Change

If there's a possibility you might change your waiver at some point, enabling Require New Signature on Liability Waiver Change will ensure all your members are required to sign the new document.

To enable this feature in your Triib account, toggle to Triib Settings> Edit Affiliate Info> Scroll to the Require New Signature on Liability Waiver Change checkbox> Check the box and the feature will be turned on.

Waiver Experience as a Member

So you've input your waiver and added your questions, now how do I get my members to sign it?! Here are the steps:

1. When members receive their welcome emails, they will get a username (their email) and a temporary password. With those items, they will click on the URL provided in step 1 at the bottom of the email.

2. After opening the account URL, they'll be asked to enter their old password and create a new, unique password!

3. Once your new password is set, your waiver automatically pops up for them to fill out and sign! They'll complete this and be ready to rock and roll.

For more information about Member Experience, click here Member Experience After the Welcome Email

Quick Waiver in the Kiosk

Member hasn't signed your waiver yet? Not a problem! If you use our Kiosk feature, just have them go over to the Kiosk and click on Quick Waiver.

Once they've clicked on it, your form will appear and they can fill out/sign your waiver!

Once they've done this they'll be all set. If you want to find a specific member's waiver, you can go to their member profile> scroll to the bottom of the page> view Emergency Contact/Waivers> From here you can download that athletes waiver.

Missing Waivers Report

If you're not sure who hasn't signed your waiver yet, no problem. By going to Reports> Members> Missing Waivers, you can view all of your members who haven't signed the waiver yet!

By clicking the blue Review and Send Email to Members button, you can send selected members an email containing the link to your waiver! Once clicked, the button will send you to your Compose Email section under Messaging. You'll see an auto-populated email template (shown below) with the recipients attached, this way you can send them the waiver immediately and make sure they sign it!

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