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Your Triib Welcome Email will be one of the first points of contact between you and someone signing up for a membership at your gym. As such, it's important you create a welcome email that captures exactly what you're gym is about and provides new members with the information they need to get started!

This will be the first communication your new members will receive from you after signing up for a new membership plan or attendance packs. To get your Welcome Email Template set up, navigate to Messaging > Email Templates > Welcome Email (Memberships).

Step 2: Create Default Welcome Email button to begin creating your template.

When you're creating the template it's important to notice the two highlighted boxes. In the upper-right there is a table of variables you can copy and paste into your email. These variables will populate with information when the email has been sent. So if you do for example the "affiliate_name" that will display the name of your gym wherever that line of text is located in the email.

In the center, you'll see a big red box, and we wanted to bring attention to this. In order for your members to log into their accounts correctly and receive a temporary password, this CANNOT be edited.

Now, you can add in images, make some more custom text and make it just right for you and your gym!

When you're finished editing the template, make sure to first save the template. Then before sending it out to your members, we have a nice little feature where you can send a test email, to yourself, for example, to make sure it's displaying just right!

Now that you've set up your general email template if you'd like to make another one that's more specific to another membership type you can do so! Ex: A welcome email for unlimited memberships and a welcome email for nutrition-based memberships.

If you choose to go that route, the final step would be to head to your membership plans and select which welcome email members should receive when they sign up!

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