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Membership Plans are a great way to have recurring plans with or without contracts. Members with a membership plan are considered active members.

Attendance packs act like a membership but are considered a one time purchase with an expiration date and is not a recurring membership plan! To learn how to set up Attendance Packs, click here: Setting Up Attendance Packs

In this article, we will review a number of ways that you can create Membership Plans; however, prior to setting up a Membership Plan, you'll need to set up how your business bills it's members.

Triib Settings > Edit Affiliate Info > 

Billing Day >

  • Day Member Plan Starts (Aug10 - Sept 9) billed every 10th of the month

  • 1st of the month (Aug 1 - Aug 31) billed every 1st of the month

  • 15th of the month (Aug 15 - Sept 14) billed every 15th of the month

Membership limitation option>

  • Strict Weekly (Sunday - Saturday)

  • Flexible Weekly (passes roll over)

  • First of the month to the End of the month (Aug 1 - Aug 31)

  • Start of the billing period to the end of the billing period (Aug 10 - Sept 9)

Great! Now that you have set up your billing, let's add Memberships. There are many kinds of membership that we can add:


Monthly Recurring Plans - No Contract 

An unlimited monthly recurring plan without a contract is a monthly plan that doesn't have an end date and doesn't have attendance limitations. It will continue to bill until the member cancels. Here's how to set it up:

Monthly Recurring Plans - Contract

In this example, you will see how to set a 12 month contract. A few key points:

* Optional Term Length: This is how many payments are in the contract.

* Auto Renew: Yes: Check box. When the contract is done, the entire contract will auto-renew

No: Un-check box: This plan will expire at the end of the 12 months.

Prepaid Plan

You can have plans that are prepaid, meaning that they renew every X number of months. In this example, we are going to set an unlimited usage 3 month plan that will auto renew every 3 months until cancelled. Key Points:

* Optional Term Length: 1 Payment

* Billing Period: Set the how often you want this plan charged. In this example, it is every 3 months.

Limited Membership Plans

These types of plans either have a limited number of attendances per week or a limited number ofattendances per billing period. Key Points:

* Attendance per Week: how many times per week Sunday - Saturday

* Attendances per billing cycle: how many in total per billing period.

In the below example, we will set one with 2 times per week.

Memberships with early programming release

There may be membership plans like a coaches plan or a competitive plan that you want to release the programming early for or allow downloading of the programming. In this case, you will set the membership up the same as you would all of the other membership, except you will want to set the Performance Tracking Access.

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