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TRIIB is excited to offer Integrated Websites with our Premium offering! Our Integrated Site feature that comes with TRIIB Premium, allows you the ability to take full advantage of all of our TRIIB Standard gym membership tools, as well as, these new management ones to grow and expand your business such as:

  • Personalizable mobile-responsive pages that match your brands look & feel

  • Simple content management tools which allow you to edit, add and update your own website copy & content

  • Promote your business with your own custom profile pages

  • SEO tools to increase your website’s visibility on search engines

  • Use your own domain name or opt for a TRIIB one

How do our TRIIB sites work?

As a premium member, you can configure additional pages for your site: a Homepage, About Us, Our Philosophy, FAQ, and a Team page in addition to the TRIIB Standard pages: Events, Blog, Sign up, Leaderboards and Schedule pages. With premium, you have the option to use your own custom domain (example: or you can opt for a TRIIB domain (

Are you ready to set up your Premium Pages? Our user-friendly interface and content management tools help you set up your premium pages quickly! On the left panel under Design Settings, you will find everything you need to customize your site where you have the ability to edit & add your own copy, images, and videos into your pre-formatted template pages.



Design Settings > Design General Settings -

Step 1: Logo, pages and color

  1. Upload your logo

  2. Select the pages that you would like to use.

  3. Set your theme color

Step 2: Footer Content > About halfway down you will see a variety of boxes regarding Footer Content.

7. Customize your Footer>

  1. Footer Background Color

  2. Footer Text Color

8. Customize your FONTS > use the font you want! Type in the URL for the google font or the information for the default font.

  1. Google Font URL

  2. Default Font

9. Upload your logo for use on TV Screens.

To help, here are some basic Hex Codes for the colors:

White #FFFFFF Yellow #FFFF00 Blue #0000FF

Black #000000 Green #008000 Fuscia #FF00FF

Red #FF0000 Aqua #00FFFF Navy #000080

** DON'T FORGET to click the Update Settings button for your changes to appear **



Design Settings > Design Page – Under this tab is where you can select which pages you want to configure. Just click on the Configure Page button to customize the page.



Design Settings > Design Page > Homepage

Step 1: Under Design Settings

Step 2: Select the Design Page tab

Step 3: Click the Configure button for the Homepage, you will see that you have many options to choose from to design your page.

In the below picture, you will see the layout of each of the 4 sections of the home page that you will want to configure:

Slider Background Image

Slider Image(s)

Main Text

Service Block(s)

Slider Background Image – A background image is required. To add the background image: click the Choose File button and then upload the file image you want.

Photo Dimension requirements:  2046 x 427

If your photo appears tiled, resize to the suggested dimension. 

Slider Image(s) – You can add up to 3 slider images. Refer to image above for Slider Image placements.

Slider Image 1 is required. Please note that if no Text or SubText is recreated then the photo will not appear. 

Slider Image 1: Click “Choose File”, and upload your photo.

If you want your picture smaller / bigger, resize it and upload it again. 

Slider Image 1 Text: Add Text you would like to appear

Slider Image 1 Sub Text: Add Text you would like to appear

Slider Image 1Button Text: Type in the Text you want to appear on the button. Example: Book your class!

Slider Image 1 Link: Add the URL that you would like to reference. You can choose an external URL or Triib URLs. To find the Triib URLs, click Triib Settings and click Triib URLs. Example:

  • Click “Update Settings” at the end of the page to save your work. 

  • To Preview Page, Click “Preview Page” at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Don’t forget to “Update Settings” prior to previewing.

  • Repeat steps for Slider Image 2 & 3 

 Main Text: This is an area that allows you to add in any text of your choosing. It can be a simple statement or a few sentences.

 Service Blocks – There are a total of 3 Service Blocks. These blocks can be used to highlight a service or information. In the picture below you will see 3 Service Blocks:

> Service Block Icon: You have 3 icons to choose from: 

<i class=“fa fa -cogs”></i>fa-cogs

<i class=“fa fa -compress”></i>fa-compress

<i class=“fa fa -rocket”></i>fa-rocket

Service Block Header: Type in the text you want to stand out

Service Block Text: A quick statement that gets the reader to click on the button. NOTE: The Service Block boxes will be different sizes unless the text length is similar in all service block.

Service Block Button Text: Text that will appear on the button.

Service Block Button Link: Type in the URL that you want to direct your clients to.

In the image below, you can see the options you can use for each Services Block you want.



Design Settings > Design Page > Contact Page – Below is an example of how you can configure your Contact Page and you can add text, show Email, Address, Map, Telephone Number and Business Hours. There is also a Captcha for this page to prevent spam.

Page Text: This is not required; however, if you would like to put information at the top of the page this is a great section to additional information.

Check the box for all the items you would like to show on the page, the options include:

Business Hours:  List your business hours in any manner you want.

As you can see in the above image we have added a Captcha for this page to save you from spam.



Design Settings > Design Page > About - Main Page -  

Step 1: From the Design Page, click configure next to the About - Main Page

Step 2: Add in your Page Text. Anything you want your audience to know about you and your business.

Step 3: If you have a video, this is a great place to include it

Step 4: Click Update Settings

Step 5: Click Preview the Page

Below is an image of a live preview of the About Us Main Page.

At this stage, your preview probably looks like Tina Farley or Eric Thomas in that they do not have pictures. Let's add their pictures! Follow the next steps to add those pictures.

In the TRIIB Admin, in the left sidebar, follow these steps to add your staff photos and bios for thesite. ** Please note - this is different from their profile pictures which may already be uploaded **

7. Scroll to the bottom of their profile page and add their Bio:

8. Click save

9. Go to Design Settings > Design Page > Click preview next to the About Us - Main Page

In the below picture, you will see that a photo and bio appears.



Design Settings > FAQs Page – To configure your FAQs page, simply click on FAQs under the main Design Settings tab and then click on the green plus button to add an FAQ. In the image below you will see what appears next. This is where you can start filling in each FAQ and select the order for each. FAQs are added from here, not from the design pages.

Click Design Settings then Click FAQs

Step 1: Add FAQ:

  • Enter the order you would like the question displayed

  • Enter a Title for the FAQ:

  • Enter the Description / answer to the question

  • Click Save

  • Repeat until you have added all of your questions/answers. 

After you click save, you will be taken back to the Gym FAQ.In the image below you will that as you start making your FAQs, they will be displayed clearly for you which helps you with this overall FAQ process. You can go back in and edit the content or display order at any point. Just don't forget to click SAVE!

The image below shows an example of a live FAQs page. Please note that a user has to click on one of the FAQ questions for the answer to appear.

To view the preview:

Design Pages > FAQ Page > Click Preview



Design Settings > SEO Settings – In the image below is a view of items you can add to improve your SEO rank. The Description meta tag is a very important piece of information to provide for search engines, so be sure to fill this in. This Description is actually what shows up for your site on Google’s search results page. As you can also see below, you can add some of your social media info as well.



Domain & Hosting – You have the option to use your own custom domain (example: or you can opt for a TRIIB domain ( We assume that you will most likely already have your own email address. We host the site on our servers and can point your domain name to our servers which allows you to utilize your own domain name.

If you don't have a custom domain yet, we recommend using GoDaddy.

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