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Ready to get your schedule uploaded to Triib? Here's a step by step process going over how to start filling out your class schedule!

Step One: Create Class Types

Navigate to Schedule/Classes > Class Types > Add New Class Type

You will then have to go through adding in your class type and fill out the necessary information. A few things to note on this page:

  • Note that changing the Drop-In Fee Override only changes the price of Drop In on the online drop-in page, NOT the kiosk drop in.

  • Coach Payment Override will override the default payment amount you setup for your coaches. EX: If I went into Coach Jimmy's profile > Staff Info > Edit Staff Details > I set it so that Jimmy gets paid 20.00 per class. If I want to override this amount for a particular class, I would do this when setting up the class type and putting in the amount I want him to be paid in Coach Payment Override.

Step Two: Add Classes to the Schedule

Click Schedule/Classes > Add Class

Fill out the required information in the above field. Things to note on this page:

  • Setting the size limit on a class triggers the RSVP function. 

Step Three: Check out your Schedule

If you go to View Schedule, you'll see that the class has now been added to your schedule! From your schedule, you also have the ability to make changes to any particular class.

  • If you want to make changes to a particular class, simply click on the class and hit Edit Class.

  • You can also setup Recurring RSVPs by clicking on a particular class!

  • If you'd like to change the coach of a class, just click on that class and all your coaches will appear. Check off the box next to the name of the coach who will be coaching that class.

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