Setting Up Schedule Types
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If you're a gym with an abundance of class types and times, you might want to separate your classes into different types of schedules. This will help de-clutter your schedule and make it easier for your members/visitors to view exactly what classes they want to take and when they want to take it!

Setting Up Schedule Types

To set up different schedules, go to the Schedule/Classes tab > Schedule Types. From this page you can add in a schedule by going to the right side of the page and naming the type of schedule you wish to add and hitting save.

Additionally, there is an option to check off Default. If you do so, this schedule type will be the first viewing option on your schedule link.

Once you've done this, your schedule will appear under Your Schedules! If you go to your schedule, at the top of the page you will now see another tab for the schedule you've just created.

Adding a Class to a Different Schedule

You have the option when adding in a class to select which schedule you'd like it to appear on. Go to Add Class > Scroll down to Show on Schedule > Click the dropdown and select which schedule you want the class to appear on.

That particular class will now appear on the schedule type you've selected!

Viewing Schedule Types on the Schedule Link

When members/visitors go to your schedule there will be a tab to view All Classes, as well as any other schedule type you've created. All the classes that you add to a particular schedule type will appear under the tab on your schedule.

For information about Scheduling, please read our Setting Up your Class Schedule article!

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