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Under your Triib settings lives a little tab by the name of Edit Affiliate Info. This section of Triib holds general information regarding the location/contact info of your gym, as well as default settings that affect the rest of your Triib account. This makes it a very important aspect of Triib to set up and maintain properly!

This article will cover three important pieces of the Edit Affiliate Information section:

  1. Billing day

  2. At risk member alerts

  3. Membership limitation options

Billing Day

After inputting your location information, logo, and timezone, you'll be asked to select what the default billing day is going to be for your members. Their are 3 options to choose from with regards to the billing day:

1. Day Member Plan Starts (Default)- This option will be selected by default, and therefore, be your billing day unless changed. Selecting this option means when you sign someone up for a plan or they sign up themselves, they will be billed immediately upon purchase and that day every month for renewing memberships.

2. 1st of the Month- When selected, this option bills members on the first day of every month. If someone signs up for a membership on any other day besides the 1st, they will be billed a prorated amount immediately on the day they signup. The cost will be prorated based on the number of days after the 1st they signed up. For example:

  • You select 1st of the month billing in my Edit Affiliate Info under my Triib settings

  • Someone signs up for a monthly membership on the 8th of the month that costs $100

  • They will be charged for that membership on the 8th (day they signed up), but it will cost $22.58 less because of the 7 days they've lost on the monthly membership. They will be billed, $77.42 and then $100 on the 1st of the next month.

  • Next month, their membership will now start billing on the 1st of every month for auto-renewing memberships.

3. 15th of the Month- Same process as above, but billing will be on the 15th of the month and proration will happen as well.

At Risk Member Alert Days

This field should be filled in when you want to receive alerts regarding a member not checking into your gym after X amount of days. For example:

  • You put 10 days into the At Risk Member Alert (days)

  • A member doesn't check into class for 10 days

  • Upon not checking into class for the 10th day, you (the admin) will receive an alert on your dashboard explaining who the client is that hasn't checked in and how many days it has been

You can check on who and the amount of at risk members at your gym by going into your Reports tab - clicking on Members - and selecting At Risk.

Membership Limitation Options

If you offer a classes per-week membership at your gym, it's important to mark which type of membership limitation option you enforce. There are 4 different limitation options you can choose from...

Example, a gym has a 3x/week monthly membership:

  • Strict Weekly- a member with the 3x/week plan will be able to take 3 classes a week ONLY, running from Sunday - Saturday. With this option, there is no week-to-week carryover of attendances. For example, if I have a 3x/week membership and attend only two classes one week, the classes do not carry over to following weeks.

  • Flexible Weekly- this option allows the 3x/week member to use the total amount of weeks in the month. For example, July has five weeks. If a member has a 3x/week membership plan they would be able to attend fifteen classes in July. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending fifteen continuous days of classes.

  • First of the month- the membership starts and renews on the 1st of the month. Assumes there are 4 weeks in the month, so the member would get 12 classes during that month to use whenever they'd like during that time period. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending 12 continuous days of classes.

  • Start to end of billing period- Same as "First of the month" except choosing this option will allow the time frame of the membership to be from the start to the end of the billing period. For example, if the billing period started on the 7th of the month, visits would be counted from the 7th of the month through the 6th of the following month. There is week-to-week carryover, so a member could reach their limit by attending 12 continuous days of classes.

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