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Getting your kiosk store set up? Here’s a simple guide to help you through that process.

Step 1: Create Kiosk Collections

Kiosk collections act like folders so that your store doesn’t get too cluttered with all of the products you offer.

Click Store > Kiosk Collections to start setting those up! You can add images and choose the display order on this page as well.


Step 2: Add your products

You will create a product for each item that you sell. While you have the ability to add sizes to an apparel product, you will need to create separate products for different flavors of protein, bars, beverages, etc.

Click Store > Add Product to fill in the basic information.

Be sure to check off Enable Kiosk Sale and highlight which Kiosk Collection you want this displayed in!


Step 3: There is no step 3! You’re done!

Now you can view your beautiful creation from your Kiosk Store URL. Just a reminder that you can locate this URL from Triib Settings > Triib URLs.

This link is public! You do not need to be logged into Triib to pull this up, so feel free to bookmark this page on the web browser on the iPad or computer you use at your front desk so that your morning coaches can easily pull this up.

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