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Liability Waiver Set Up

Learn how to set up your digital liability waiver

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The age of paper waivers is over! Get your liability waiver uploaded into Triib to ensure anyone who enters your facility fills this out.

Please note that we provide the signature box at the bottom. We do not have the functionality to support the initialing of individual paragraphs. If you require this, consider entering those as waiver questions (see step two).

Step One: Click Triib Settings -> Liability Waiver.

On this page, you are given a big text box. This is where you enter the TEXT ONLY! Do not leave any blanks for them to enter their personal information, as all of this is collected on the various Triib pages that the client will have to complete.

Step Two: Add Waiver Questions.

Have some medical questions you need to collect for your clients? Add them to the form!

Click Add Waiver Question to choose either a yes/no or text entry question to your waiver form.

Step Three: Update and check it out

Once you save your waiver, you can view it from the clients perspective simply by logging out, then logging back into Triib. You will have to sign your own waiver, and you will be prompted to do so upon log in.

You can also see how it will display from your Sign Up pages that you can locate under Triib Settings > Triib URLs.

Step Four: Do you plan on updating the waiver at some point?

We offer that option as well! You can have members sign the current waiver, then next year, if your business model changes you can adjust the waiver/questions and have members resign the newly updated waiver!

Under the check box for using the Triib waiver, you'll see a second check box if you want to require a re-sign when the waiver is updated.

Step Five: Email those still missing the waiver!

When you look at your waiver, you'll see the number of members who have signed the waiver, hopefully, that matches your active member count:

But in the off chance, you have a couple members missing from this, you can head to the Messaging tab -> Email Templates -> Member Specific to create a Missing Waiver email template to be sent out to those who are still needing to sign the waiver.

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