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Did you have someone approach you about not being able to see the workouts and/or schedule on the mobile app or desktop profile? This is most likely caused by the Program Restrictions that you have in place!

Simply go to your Programs in the left menu and confirm that that membership plan and/or attendance pack that that member has is associated to at least one of the programs listed.

Every membership plan or attendance pack that is active and in use MUST be associated with at least one program.

Programs Overview

You will noticed under the programs tab in your dashboard that there are two options: View Programs and Class Programming Display. First we will start with View Programs.

When creating a program, we find it helpful to read through the set up as a sentence. For example, "This program lets these memberships and these attendance packs have access to these classes and these workout sections."

For example, the Boot Camp program created in the image above would mean that:

The Boot Camp program lets Unlimited Monthly Plan, Coaches Membership, and Bootcamp Add On have access to Bootcamp Class access to the Announcements, Bootcamp Warmup, and Bootcamp Workout Sections

Setting Up your Programs

Scenario: "HELP! Beyonce can't see the workouts or schedule on her profile or the app!"

Step One: Check to see what membership Beyonce has. In this case, she has the 2x per week membership.

Step Two: Check to see what Programs you have set up and if that membership plan is listed on any of them. In this case, you'll notice the 2x per week plan is NOT listed.

Step Three: Add the membership plan onto the appropriate program and click save!

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