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Online Settings
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Your online settings contain 5 different sections:

  1. Schedule/RSVP setup

  2. Blog setup

  3. Social media

  4. External links

  5. Performance tracking

Throughout this article, we will explain how to change these settings to calibrate with the needs of your gym and show you how to maneuver around the online settings.

Schedule/RSVP Setup

There are two features within the schedule/rsvp setup that you can customize:

  1. Time before class to allow RSVP

  • This feature allows you to input a default time period of hours/days before a class someone can RSVP for that class.

2. How soon before class can someone cancel an RSVP

  • This sets how soon before class a member has to cancel their RSVP and can be set in hours or days.


Blog Setup

If you're planning to use the Triib blog, the Blog Setup tab under the Online Settings is where you can choose what features you'd like to enable.

  1. Enable workout blog

  • If enabled, you can use the Triib URL for your blog and embed it into your current website OR if you're a premium user, have it appear on your webpage.

2. Is your blog public?

  • If you wish your blog to be visible to the general public, not just your members who are logged in, you would check this box. If you only want access granted to members, leave this box unchecked.

3. Show Workout Info As Blog Tease

  • If this is checked, your blog will simply show a preview of your programmed workout for the day.


Social Media

Your social media sites can be used in public-facing pages such as your blog posts and various event registrations (challenges, seminars, competitions, etc.).

You have the option to upload a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram URL and upload a custom image for all of them. To do this, simply copy and paste your link into the appropriate box and Save your Social Links!

** We do not sync or post to your social media sites**


External Links

These links will allow you to have sponsor links or other special links on your public-facing pages. Simply copy and paste any URL and upload to make it available on your public-facing pages. You also can upload a custom image for that link!


Performance Tracking

Under this section, you can choose the exact time you want your programs/workouts to be released to your members. Here's an outline of that information:


1) Is Your Leaderboard Public

  • Check this box if you want your leaderboard to be visible to anyone, not just logged in users.

2) Workout release days before

  • This allows you to choose how many days before the workout is it released. Ex: If I wanted my workout to be released the day before the workout will be done, I'd input 1 day into this field.

3) Workout release time of day

  • Once you've chosen the release days before, you can select the time of day you want to release your workout.

4) Set Workout Priority

  • If you have multiple workouts in a day, you can set the priority of the workouts when creating them to let your athletes know which is the more important workouts to do.

  • When this box is checked, there will be an option when you input your programming to set its priority, see below:


5) Rank Your Leaderboard

  • If you do not want not to have your leaderboard rank your athletes, please uncheck this checkbox.

6) Weight Display

  • Last but not least, select how you display weight options, either in pounds or kilograms!

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