How to Set Up Membership Contracts

Add a contract to a membership plan

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Any membership plan can have a contract that the member will sign upon their first login.

Step 1: Navigate to Memberships > Membership Plans

Step 2: Next to the membership plan click Add Contract.


Step 3: Add your contract by entering the title and text of the contract

Step 4: Click Save


Where do members sign their contracts?

If a member is assigned a membership plan with a contract, they will be prompted to sign this upon two occasions:

  1. Upon login to their Triib profile from a web browser.

  2. Upon class check-in from the Kiosk

At this time, they are unable to sign the contract from the mobile app.


We recommend creating an email template to remind members that they have an unsigned contract. To create this, go to Messaging > Email Templates > Newsletter/Announcements, you can create one of an email template and use the variables provided to link them to your gym’s login page to make this process as simple as possible.

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