Setting Up and Editing Discounts
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You can offer many types of discounts to your members using the TRIIB. In this article, we will cover 2 sections:

Let's get started...


First, click on Memberships from the left-hand column.


Next, click on View Discounts.


To create a discount, click the Add Discount button at the top right of your screen.


From this menu, you can enter the description of your discount. By default, Triib will assume that the number you enter is a percentage discount. Uncheck this box if you’d like it to be a whole dollar amount instead. Enter the display name of the discount and the value or % amount, click on the Add Discount button.



  • To update a discount, click on the discount and change the information you would like to update.

  • To disable a discount, uncheck the active box

  • Click "Update Discount" and you are all set

  • The inactive discounts do not disappear. They are simply moved over the the disable tab.

  • Click on the "Disabled Discounts" tab to view all of the inactive discounts.

  • If you want to reactivate a discount, click the active check box and "Update Discount"

With our user-friendly interface, it's super easy to update, disable, and re-activate your discounts!


  • You can have as many discounts as you want.

  • Each discount must have their own unique name

  • You can have as many discounts you want with the same % or value amount as long the Display name of the discount is different.

  • Only an Admin can apply a discount to a membership from the backend, members/new members/visitors can not apply it themselves.

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