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Setting Up Multiple Locations with Triib
Setting Up Multiple Locations with Triib

What you need to know about having two locations.

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Have two gyms? Not a problem! You can choose to either have two separate Triib accounts, or one merged Triib account.

However, once this decision is made, we cannot combine your account's membership information or separate them for you. This article will analyze both options and help you decide which option is better for you and your community!

Creating Two Separate "Passport" Locations

  • Members of either location can check in from the Kiosk or TV screens without issue.

  • Members can ONLY RSVP or check into their home location from the mobile app (same applies for admin check in from mobile app).

  • Separate accounts, so all reporting is done separately (member lists, income, etc).

  • Programming can be copied to both locations *upon request only, must choose which location to program from. 

  • Please contact to "Passport" your facilities. 

Two Locations into One Triib Account

  • Only one bank account may be used to deposit funds.

  • Differentiating income based on location must be done by naming your memberships/attendance packs as "Location A Unlimited" and "Location B Unlimited", for example.

  • You should create two separate Schedule Types to display each location's schedules.

  • You should also name your classes according to location, so "Location A CrossFit WOD" so that your members know which location they're checking into or reserving. This will also ensure you know which location your drop-in/free-trial sign ups are for.

Having two locations into one Triib Account keeps all of your member information, billing information, scheduling, programming, etc. in one location. The key to effectively doing this is to make sure you are being descriptive and specific when writing your schedule, memberships, programming, and messaging. This will allow you to separate out these things based on location.

If you have any questions, please contact  

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