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Looking to see all your daily, weekly, or monthly booked appointments? Look no further than the Staff Calendar! The Staff Calendar will show you all of your past, present, and future appointments.

This article will show how to access and use the Staff Calendar!


Staff Calendar

There are two ways to get to the Staff Calendar:

1. Go to your Dashboard > Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you'll see your Staff Booked Appointments Calendar.


2. Go to Appointments > Booked Appointments > Staff Calendar. Once there, you'll see your Staff Calendar with all of your Staff Members and Appointment Types listed above.


3. At the top of the page you'll some options for how you want to view the calendar:

Show Appointment Type: Toggle on/off the Appointment Types you wish to view

Show Status Of: Shows Paid/Unpaid Appointments

Show Staff/Coach: Select a specific staff member's booked appointments calendar


Calendar Info: Explains the functionality of the Staff Calendar (read the below screenshot to learn more)

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