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How to Set-Up Appointment Alerts and Appointment Package Alerts
How to Set-Up Appointment Alerts and Appointment Package Alerts
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Trying to set up automated alerts for your Appointments and Appointment Packages? No problem!

This article will provide step by step instruction about how to create different alerts for Appointments and Appointment Packages.

Setting up Appointment Alerts

To start setting up Appointment alerts, go to your Triib Dashboard:

1. Go to Messaging > Alerts > Appointments


2. From here, you can create alerts for all of your Appointment Types. Options for alerts include:

  • Appointment Successfully Booked

  • Upcoming Appointment/Reminder

  • Rescheduled Appointment by Staff/Client

  • Transferred Appointment by Staff/Client

  • Canceled Appointment by Staff/Client

3. Click Setup Template to create an Email Template for the alert you choose. This will be sent out automatically to a client when one of the above actions is performed.

Once you've completed your Template, click Setup Alert to create the alert inside of Triib.

Additionally, you can choose the Set Default Template and Enable All Alerts to quickly set up all of the above alerts! (see below)


4. After creating the alert and hitting Save, you'll be taken back to the previous screen and the alert will be enabled!


If you choose to Set Default Templates and Enable All Alerts, your alerts screen will look like the below picture:


Setting up Appointment Package Alerts

To start setting up Package alerts, go to your Triib Dashboard:

1. Go to Messaging > Email Templates > Appointment Pack > Click the blue-button that reads Add Appointment Pack Template


2. You'll be taken to a blank Email Template page > Create the email you want to be sent out to members when:

A Package is purchased

A Package has expired

The last session is used in the Package

On the remaining sessions left in the Package


For information about how to create an Email Template using variables, read our article about Creating Email Templates here!

3. Once you've created your Email Template for an Appointment Package, go to Messaging > Alerts > Appointment Pack > Add New Appointment Alerts


4. Select the Appointment Pack you want to create this alert for and select the Email Template it's connected to + when you want the alert sent > Once you've filled all of this out hit Save


5. You've now created an automated Appointment Package Alert!

For more information about setting up other alerts/email templates, please read the following articles:

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