Best Practices on Importing Members
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Want to clean things up a bit? Please feel free to download the attached .csv, edit it, and send it back to us just as you'd like it!

There are a few example scenarios on the sheet attached for your reference, you can remove those before sending back :)

The column headers used on the sheet can be described as the following...

Billing Period: How often a membership is billed (1=every month, 6= once every 6 months, 12= once per year)

Discount Name: The name of any discounts you give (First Responder)

Discount Amount: Either the % or ($) filled in. This will be applied on top of the rate column. So if someone has a 25% discount on a $100 membership and bills for $75 each month, $100 should be entered in column F and '25' in column I.

Term Length: if your memberships expire, this is the time frame (6= 6 months, 12= one year). If left blank, the plan will continue to bill until you cancel.

Auto Renew: if the plan has a term, but auto-renews after the term is complete, put yes. if left blank, all plans will auto-renew.

Attendance Limit: weekly or monthly attendance limits (i.e. 3x per week plans)

Pack Name: if a punch card member, the name of the punch card should be entered here. Please also make sure to fill in the price in column F

Pack # Total/Remaining: # of sessions allotted for the punch card

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